House of hell

Having small boobs sucks ass :( why did I get the shit genes :(

This is how I feel about your bitchiness

This is how I feel about your bitchiness

Finds that having less friend, the better. You don’t have to deal with wondering if conversation stay in confidence or if you’re getting back stabbed. May be lonely but at least you know who you’re true Friends are and who are the fieds.

Y’know this really sucks. I’m stuck in this huge circle that just goes around and around and around, and it brings up the issue of personal opinions.

Like lately I have this issue, where my friend destiny is setting my other friend Emmy up with my ex-bf richard’s ex best friend Chris. confusing? Hell ya.

So first off background detailing

Emmy is recently broken up with her bf of like almost a year, she gets really depressed about it

Chris is my ex’s used to be best friend. Used to be because he spreads lies, rumors about everyone included gf sometimes. Tries to fool around with girls thy have boyfriends I know from experience bc it was me at one time. He’s just an overall tool

Richard: my ex who I still am madly in love with yet every one of my friends hated him for some reason or another

So I know what it feel like having people stick their nose where it doesn’t belong; in your relationship and say bad things about it but I really am worried about Emily, Chris isn’t really a good guy, but destiny won’t listen bc he’s her best friend now. And Emmy won’t listen if she likes him as a friend or more. I don’t need or Want people calling me a hypocrite because I spoke my mind cuz I really hate when people bash Richard to me or in general, but I’m worried about Emily, I don’t have any idea what to do. Help meee :(

To bad I have no one to share them with :(

To bad I have no one to share them with :(

People confuse me. It’s like for them to function they have to lie, keep secrets, ignore people and hate on others. It’s not cuz they can’t help it, everyone can help it, it’s like they love doing it so much they don’t want to stop. Like the thought that someone else’s brain or heart is going crazy with hurt or confusing is pleasing to them. I don’t understand it. :/ I don’t understand why we have to lie. Why we have to talk shit. It makes no sense to me that one day two people can be the best of friends and then the next one isn’t talking To the other. Sometimes yes they may deserve it but how does anyone really know if it’s never spoken about. To be able to fix a problem there needs to be communication, what’s communication without talking? Absolutely nothing.


Me: “hey mommy! Y’know what I want in my room? A backlight! It would make it look so trippy”
Mom:” just take some drugs(me: like acid or something?) like acid! It would make it trippy by itself”

Lmfao good parenting :D

LMFAO so bad but hilarious


What make me feel better when in a bad mood? Um usually painting calms me down and makes me happy. If that doesn’t work, I talk to one othey 3 best friends and go out on the town

What pocesses someone to use another person as an object? You see it so much with relationships now-a-days. Cheating and sex toys. That’s what some people have been reduced to. It’s as if their feelings are invisible to the second party. It’s as if there no morals in people anymore. Where’s the dignity, the love, the smarts when it comes to relationships, friendship or lover? I know you’re probably all thinking, ‘who cares’ or ‘shut up’ but I won’t. Someone has to say this. People are not object to be toyed with. They’re real living things, with brains, hearts, feelings. They’re not there so some asshole guy (or girl) can use them to get their rocks off and have some sick sorta fun.

I’ve been hurt more time than this world can count. I know what it feels like to trust someone with your heart and have it ripped into pieces. I know what it feels like to be used purely for sex, for the fun and gain of someone else. Unfortunately for me…this person was the one I would die for. A million times over. You’ve all heard of him. His name is Richard. Anyone who’s read any of my previous blogs knows who he is, knows how much I love him…how much he means to me. Although anyone who knows me knows I don’t normally take people shit. I learnt this past week that I have been blinded by love. Richard is/was not the man I thought he was. He doesnt remember I word I said to him when we broke up. He doesn’t remember how I said I will always love him, how amazing he makes me feel, all the reason why I trusted him so much. He doesn’t remember anything that I told him those 4 1/2 months we were dating. He didn’t pay attention to anything I said or showed when he decided to be my ‘friend’ again. It hurts beyond anything when someone you care so much about turns out not to care at all. I for one, do not want this in my life. I want to move one, I want the nightmare and tears and pain to end, and the only way it seems that can happen is to no longer have him in my life. I don’t want to give this friendship up. I don’t I love him to much. I love it to much. It taught me a lot. But I need what’s best for me. I need to be around people that love me for me, wouldnt you with me, my heart and feelings and dignity…for sex. I just need to believe I’m worth something again….and at this point in time….it’s not with Richard. He really is the one person I can truthfully say stole my heart and never gave it back but I’m done.